Marketing automation

Automate your tasks

Manual engagement with all your prospects is laborious work and sometimes extremely inefficient. When you automate these processes, you expand your network opportunities.

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Prospects Discovery

Companies identification based on the Ideal Customer Profile. Data enrichment for contacts approach.

Processes Automation

Automate your prospecting approach with several touchpoints that makes the process more humanized.

CRM Integration

Sync all lead sources with the CRM to improve the follow up from the sales team.

Step 1

Target customer identification

Identify who are your customers and where we can find them.

Step 2

Prospects data enrichment & Automation

Enrich the collected data and build a customized approach in an automated process.

Step 3

Approach experimentation

Test different messages and flows to understand what drives better results.

Curious about the process?

Have you ever considered how many hours do you spend doing this manual work? Schedule a free call with our Growth Lead to help you to save some time.

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