Activate your data to  generate value.

Tracking and Data Collection

Businesses with an online presence must make informed decisions based on accurate and relevant data to stay ahead of the competition. We will help you develop and maintain your data infrastructure so that you can focus on making better business decisions.

Improve your business outcomes

Business Performance

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, customer acquisition cost, and lifetime value. By analyzing this data, identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall business performance

Customer Experience

Personalize the customer experience by providing customized recommendations, offers, and content. Tailor your offerings to better meet customer needs, build stronger customer relationships, and increase loyalty

Accuracy and Consistency

Improve the accuracy and consistency of your data by reducing human error and the risk of missing data. In that way, you ensure completeness, standardizing and comparable data, providing real-time updates, and identifying outliers.

Competitive Analysis

Get insights into your competitors' online activities. By tracking metrics such as search engine rankings, social media engagement, and website traffic, businesses can identify their competitors' strengths and weaknesses and adjust their strategies accordingly

Our team is uniquely skilled

Every member specializes in specific functions, ensuring a highly customized and carefully planned outcome for your brand.

Web Tracking

Get granular insights about the entire shopping behaviour, from product views to purchased products. Build funnels visualization to optimize the customer journey.

GTM Data Layer Consultancy

Optimise your Google Data Layer and push additional metadata to Google Tag Manager to build more granular reports and insights about user behaviour.

SPA/JavaScript Sites

Google Analytics can be restricted by some web technologies, like javascript and SPA. Our team will support you on a complete mapping of your SPA.

Set up Server-Side Tagging

Improve your tracking accuracy and first-party data with Server-side tracking. We help you set up Facebook CAPI, Google Analytics, TikTok and more.

Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Obtain and manage user consent for the collection and processing of personal data in compliance with Data privacy Regulations.

Ad Platforms Event Tracking

Track specific user actions on your website or app, optimize your campaigns and get valuable insights into user behavior.

We have experience working with:


Scalyng brings specialized skills and knowledge, such as experience working with different tracking tools and platforms, providing insights and recommendations that can help agencies optimize website performance and marketing campaigns and achieve their business goals more effectively. Avoid the costs of building and maintaining an in-house team and take on the time-consuming data collection and processing task to focus on other strategic initiatives.


Gain insights into which features of your SaaS business are most popular, which areas of the software need improvement, and how customers interact with your platform. Scalyng provides the technology and infrastructure necessary to collect, store, and analyze user data, ultimately improving customer engagement and retention and increasing your business revenue.


Get deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences and more advanced marketing and sales strategies. Our team will help you better understand your customer journey on your eCommerce website and tailor your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.


Are you experiencing any issues that might be affecting the accuracy or effectiveness of your data?


One to one call with Scalyng


We believe that nothing prepares your business better for marketing success than having complete access to data. Our clients benefit from best-in-class analytics thanks to our analytics team, whose work ranges from basic setups to advanced integrated solutions.

With which clients do you work with?

We do A-Z Analytics projects.
Ongoing engagements - Supporting companies with tracking and analytics
Ongoing engagements with agencies - Working as a white label to support the agency's clients with analytics efforts

Once I submit a request, how long will it take for you to solve it?

It depends on the complexity and the dependencies of the problem we need to resolve. On average, we close the request in 24h.
Schedule an onboarding call and sign up for our service agreement (30 days min. duration).

What kind of requests are included?

Ongoing engagements we do support (fee-based):
- Tracking and data collection | Dashboards
- Setup
- Debug
- Fix error
- Team support
We have a customized approach for projects, so they need prior evaluation. 

What data can I collect?

The data that can be collected varies depending on the tracking and data collection methods used. Generally, you can collect data about website visitors, such as their IP address, location, device type, and browsing behavior. Also, it is about more than just the data you can collect but the metrics you should track, which depends on your website goals. Common metrics include traffic sources, pageviews, bounce, and conversion rates.

Our Tech Stack

Our team ensures a highly customized and carefully planned outcome for your brand.

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