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Hubspot Form Builder Tool

Generate leads from your website using a powerful online form builder.

HubSpot is a potent sales, service, and marketing platform that gives companies the tools to manage client interactions. One of HubSpot’s essential features is its form builder, which makes it simple to create forms that can be integrated into your website. HubSpot gathers the form data and keeps it in your account once a user submits a form on your website. The performance of your website may then be examined, your audience can be divided, and your marketing strategies can be enhanced using this data.
You may download and import the.json file on Google Tag Manager by doing the following steps to track HubSpot form submissions in GTM.


1. Log in to your GTM account and navigate to the “Admin” tab.
2. Click the “Import Container” button to import the .json file.
3. Select “Custom HTML” as the tag type
4. Select “Container File” to upload the .json file
5. Select the Workspace
6. Apply Merge and Rename the conflicting tag and upload the file
7. Go to Your HubSpot account, and grab the Form ID
8. Go to the Variable name “LookUp Table - Hubspot Form IDs”, add the form ID on the “Input Table”, and add the form name you want to the “Output Table”
9. Save the variable and publish the changes to your GTM container

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