The people

We're a kick-ass remote team spread across 3 continents.

We're an obstinate, scrappy, eclectic squad with a love of people-focused design. We’re fueled almost exclusively by caffeine and a tendency to say “what if...”

Years of Experience

With successful launches across North America and Europe and dozens of viral campaigns.

Satisfied Clients

Over half our clients stay with us for longer than a single project.

Excellence Awards

We may be young but our agency has already won 13 Excellence Awards for our work.

Our Process

We strive to make your story compelling.

Our process is well structured and completely transparent. You always know what's happening and you're always involved.

Step 01


You know your brand best and the first step is to learn from you and do our research.

Step 02


This is where we chalk out the parameters of the project and brainstorm.

Step 03


Finally, we get down to actually creating. Typically, there are several iterations before the final version.

Our Team

Meet the team

Jack, Karina, and Alexis founded Makeshift in 2016. They come with over two decades of combined experience in advertising, marketing, and storytelling.

José Almeida

Co-founder & Growth Lead

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